Current Labs

Here are the labs we are sponsoring today. All are currently open to members.


The action lab coordinates action events, rallies, representatives visits, and media and local attention. They focus on traditional, grassroots activism.

This lab has the most direct contact with our representatives, and acts as ambassadors and investigators for the rest of Indivisible Somerville.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings, the email list, and Facebook to communicate.

Town Hall

The town hall lab is responsible for organizing Indivisible Somerville’s presence at our representatives’ public forums, in an effort to create a powerful collective voice for our community.

Alternatively, when our representatives refuse to hold public forums for their constituents, our lab will work towards pressuring them to hold such an event.

We are looking for people interested in engaging in direct action and using their voice to speak for their community. We are seeking people with a myriad of backgrounds and talents, including but not limited to: event organizing, media outreach, publicity, and writing.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and Slack to communicate.

Choosing Battles

Choosing Battles is creating a tool to channel activist energy towards the calls, meetings, and other contacts that stand a chance of having impact. There are plenty of Calls to Action out there, but it's hard to tell which issues are winnable, and which legislators have yet to commit to a stance on each of them. We want to enable crowdsourcing to consolidate that information from legislators' twitter feeds, webpages, and other sources, to spotlight the winnable battles. After we design the tool, we hope a widely established site or app will incorporate it, or we could launch it as a new one.

We're seeking anyone who wants to help carry this idea through a Design Thinking process. Wherever in the process we are when you join, we're happy to get you caught up.

This lab needs people of all backgrounds: data, writing, research, media, programming, project management, user experience, art & design, and more. All are welcome!

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and Slack to communicate.

Energy & Environment

The Energy & Environment Lab focuses on environment issues on the federal, state, and local level (Somerville and surrounding cities welcome - we can all share ideas).

This team provides Indivisible Somerville with information about legislature we can influence, phone numbers to call, and action to take. The team plans bigger actions like proposing bills, planning rallies, and working alongside other local environmentalist groups to push for environment, climate, and renewable energy progress.

This lab has full access to Indivisible Somerville's leader training, technology stack, and access to our 1000+ members to support you with the people power you need for real grassroots change.

  • Slack channel: #ee
  • Leads: @npestana
  • Meetings: Thursdays 6 - 7:15pm in Union Square

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and Slack to communicate.

Tech & Creative

The Tech lab is responsible for building and maintaining Indivisible Somerville's technology stack, which serves as a platform for Indivisible Somerville activists. Tech also ensures the safety of all of our activists by developing educational materials and promoting the technical literacy of our members and the general public. We are currently providing tech support for the entire organization, and creating an open-source technology stack for use by other activist orgs.

The Creative lab is part of Tech and focuses on branding, design, outreach, and community building through art and visual design.

We are looking for anyone with experience or interest in web and mobile development, data, cybersecurity, graphics design, and technical project and product management. We do much more than web dev and need people of all backgrounds - we have projects for everyone.

This lab primarily uses Slack to communicate.


This lab takes care of IS finances and accounting, as well as fundraising for the movement. If you love spreadsheets, banks, and keeping track of expenses, or if you want to plan a creative fundraising event to help us cover space, materials, and more, this is a great place for your efforts.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and Slack to communicate.


The writing lab is in charge of our online publication and newsletter, which is evolving to include feature pieces, interviews, and maybe even bona fide shoe-leather reporting. The lab also helps members with writing press releases and op-eds, editing IS public statements, and more. This lab includes writers, editors, publishers, advisors, and techies who own our content management system and newsletter.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and Slack to communicate.


The Outreach lab, or "relationship-building task force" focuses on getting people engaged in activism for the first time. They run studies and do targeted, personal outreach to connect new activist with the issues they're passionate about. The focus of this lab is to turn passive allies into active and engaged supporters.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and the email list to communicate.


A new lab from Indivisible Somerville focused on engaging kids and their guardians in activism, together. More info coming soon.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and the email list to communicate.

Mystic Valley

The Mystic Valley region needs an inclusive progressive grassroots organization, and this passionate group of activists is ready to build it. #mystic-valley is focused on pressuring local representatives, partnering with existing regional groups to build a strong, diverse activist community in our area.

Indivisible Mystic Valley is currently a lab in the IS program, which lets the two organizations work together and pool our resources. This lab is specifically focused on Mystic Valley regional issues, politics and promoting a progressive agenda . We are made up of Mystic Valley residents who want to see a more inclusive atmosphere and encourage civic engagement of any who reside along the mystic.

This lab primarily uses in-person meetings and the email list to communicate.

Red State Rising

We have a working partnership with chapters in Oklahoma, West Virginia, and beyond to share ideas about leadership and organization, and help train their leads on our tech stack. Right now we're focused on learning from each other and building relationships.

We are also beginning early-stage work with Indivisibles in West Virginia and other red states and counties.


All current lab leads, as well as several advisors, are part of our leadership lab. The leads program offers special talks, training sessions, and individual mentoring to the emerging leaders of the resistance. There is also a residential retreat/intensive 1-2 times a year.

Members are invited to become leads after demonstrating dedication to IS and a passion for activism, and completing one task or project in an exemplary way. New leads are voted in by existing leads.

This lab primarily uses Slack and the email list to communicate.

Nav is the IS Board of Directors.