We are a grassroots activist org that keeps costs barebones. We are funded entirely by donations, especially monthly sustaining donations from our members. About $10/month from every member would help us cover basic operational costs, and enormously expand our opportunities for action.

You can always find us on Venmo @indivisiville or PayPal at

Please note that donations are not tax deductible.

Why Donate?

Here is what you help fund:

  • Rental of meeting space for org meetings, speakers, and workshops
  • Tools and services to power our website, newsletter, and other technology that helps us be more effective every day
  • Printed materials including postcards, signs, banners, and flyers
  • Small every day costs like stamps, post-its, etc.
  • Transportation to rallies and canvassing events

None of our leaders or members are paid - we all do this because we care. We've built this thing up together, and with a little help, we can keep it growing and running.

Thank you!